Graphic arts


Setting a creation off to its best advantage and successfully respecting a project’s authenticity is an Art in itself… an Art in which our teams excel!

Our illustrators, graphic designers and artists are at home here. They work freely, using our dedicated and well-equipped workspace at their complete discretion. An Art in the name of which creators and technicians speaking the same language bring together their knowledge of paper and their know-how and expertise in chroma, image processing and photoengraving.

An Art shared with other colleagues in the chain through to project completion, to ensure quality printing. An Art of anticipation, even in the very early stages, when models or testing are required for a more delicate project. The Art of reaching the best decision on an innovative approach, even when it means calling “firmly-rooted” processes into question in order to achieve an aim.

Art & Caractère has close ties with a wide network of graphic designers and artists, to successfully meet specific graphic needs at different stages in the project lifecycle.

Our team of photoengravers, trained in the region’s workshops, places its talent at the service of art books, working for example with photographers…