Sustained commitments


• Our expertise is put towards customer satisfaction.
• Sustained innovation respectful of the environment and involving our employees.
• Actions in favour of local development.


of our waste is recycled

4 years,
we have reduced our unrecycled waste by two thirds

of the paper we purchase is certified

tons of recycled paper (waste)
per year

2016 target met:

Since 2013, we use
less solvent

In 2016, we have optimized the selective sorting:
recycled cardboard and plastic!

Environmental gain

Our shrink films are biodegradable, our pallets are recycled and our cardboard boxes are made from recycled paper pulp. The strapping bands on our pallets are made of recycled plastic without metal wire (we are the only printing press in France to sort and recycle pallet strapping bands to make plastic balls).

Destruction of the forest?

Misinformation! European forests have grown by 1% over the last 25 years. Over the last 10 years, Art & Caractère has reduced its emissions into water by 80%, its CO2 emissions by 50%, and its energy consumption by 30%. 70% of our pulp comes from thinning cuts that are necessary for the growth and expansion of the forest.


By engaging in this process of social responsibility, Art & Caractère aims to achieve overall performance on the seven themes of governance and organization, human rights, working conditions and relations, environmental issues, good business practices, consumer issues and the contribution to local development.
More than just a standard, it is a real business project run by a collegial governance and a commitment for the coming years.

Our strengths as identified during assessments:
• A strong commitment and a true reflection of a profession in mutation, deeply held values in practical
and strategic choices, a culture of excellence, a thirst for new knowledge, exceptional local roots combined with an excellent reputation in the area, developed social benefits, an efficient environmental management on site, a strong and proactive management who is aware of the changing economic environment, satisfied employees and a lively sense of belonging, reinforced by adherence to this responsible approach.
• Our CSR policy: to use our expertise towards customer satisfaction; to innovate sustainably while respecting the environment and involving our employees; to strive towards local development.
As a company we are proud of our strong local roots. The men and women of Art & Caractère are at the very centre of our activity and concerns, enabling them to best develop their skills and sense of fulfillment.

For the sustainable development of paper and printed materials.
Culture Papier is an association created on 6 January 2010, soon to be officially recognised for its public utility, aimed at raising awareness among public authorities, economic decision-makers and opinion leaders of the economic, social and cultural role of paper and printed materials with a view to promoting sustainable development.

Ensuring paper traceability.
The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is a non-governmental, independent non-profit established in 1993 under the leadership of the main environmental organizations: Greenpeace, WWF, Friends of the Earth, etc. This diverse group stressed the need for a system that credibly identifies well-managed forests as real sources of responsible wood. By submitting the company to the FSC® chain of control from 2008, Art & Caractère wished to support the economically viable and sustainable management of forests, in order to meet the needs of present and future generations.

Forest Certification Program.
A pioneer in forest certification, PEFCTM is historically the first forest certification system in terms of certified forest areas and is the primary source of wood certifications in the world. By placing the PEFCTM logo on its printed papers, Art & Caractère garantees its customers that the product they are buying comes from responsible sources and that through their act of purchase, they are participating in sustainable forest management.

Quality and the protection of the environment.
The Imprim’Vert® tradename was created in partnership with the Water Agency, ADEME (French Agency for Environment and Energy Management) and FICG (Federation of Printing and Graphic communication). Imprim’vert brings three key benefits:
• total elimination of the use of toxic products;
• secure storage of hazardous products and wastes;
• the collection and processing of hazardous products.

Afaq 26000
Art & Caractère was the first private printing company to be evaluated by AFNOR in its sector of activity, according to the ISO 26000 standard, the international standard that defines the Social and Environmental Responsibility guidelines. Art & Caractère’s ongoing efforts, monitored and measured since 2011, in Corporate Social Responsibility have resulted in our accomplishments in this field.